Poweredge servers running in low temperature environment

Matthew Geier matthew at acfr.usyd.edu.au
Sun Jan 31 16:41:59 CST 2010

Philip Tait wrote:
> We are installing a couple of PE servers (2900 and R710) at our summit
> facility. Ambient temperature can be as low as 1C (dewpoint at -15C).
 I suspect the main concern is condensation, so the air would have to be 
pretty dry at such low temperatures. So dry that static electricity 
build up might be an issue.

(Speaking as some one who's just had a $8000 controller board in a HVAC 
die a 2nd time, as condensation from an uninsulated air duct dripped 
water into it).

 It as occurred to me the hard disks might be out of spec at such a low 
temperatures - and they are mechanical devices with quite fine 
tolerances. This temperature may be below their design limits. I just 
looked up a ST31000640SS a drive that might typically be in a server and 
it's specs say it's minimum operating temperature is 5 degrees C.

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