raid10 array size limit?

Sandro Possa debian at
Thu Jan 28 10:36:22 CST 2010

Hi all,

So, I was about to order a r710, and asked for 6 disks of 1TB each, to build
a raid10 array with them.

The odd part is that my sales rep told me that he couldnt sell me this
config - 6x1TB disks in a raid10 array - because "the sum of all disks in a
raid10 can be greater than 3.6TB". He said it twice, so I'm positive that he
meant what he said. But, if I did a raid5, it was fine, I could use all the

After some googling I found nothing that could lead me to this
information. Reading PERC 6/i and 6/E documentation I found nothing too.

Do any of you ever heard about this?


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