Lifecycle Controller not-so slick IMO.

Tim Small tim at
Wed Jan 27 08:40:09 CST 2010

Bas van der Vlies wrote:
>> While the OpenManage team is working to make more Linux-native
>> firmware update utilities available, Lifecycle Controller is really
>> quite slick, and there's no concern with having the "right" Linux
>> environment to run.
>   We have a lot of M610's and did not know we have a lifecycle controller 
> ;-). I just tested it  and press F10 and it works interactively .

Oooh, that sounds promising, so I rebooted the R210 which I have here, 
and when I hit F10 it says:

Unified Server Configurator does not support console redirection.

So, next week when this box gets shipped to the datacentre, I'll have to 
drive 70 miles to use this "easy" update process.  Doesn't sound very 
"slick" to me.  I'll give that a "2-out-of-10 Must Try Harder", I think....

Who the hell decided on that, and what were they thinking?  At least I 
can run the DOS update utilities remotely using SoL and PXE boot memdisk!


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