Hotspare question about SAS-RAID on R610

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Yes, it is no problem a larger HDD will kick in for a smaller one. 
Another feature of Perc6 is the CopyBack. Means once a failed HDD has
been replaced it will free the kicked in hotspare w/o degrading the

So you shouldn't have to worry about that. 


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Hello All,

  I have a PE R610 with 2x73GB drives and 4x146GB drives.  I'm
thinking of setting up the 2x73 drives as RAID 1, and 3 of the 146 GB
drives as RAID 5.  The remaining 146GB drive as a global hotspare.

  In this case, if one of the 73GB drives fails, I'm assuming the
controller can use the 146GB drive as a hotspare -- but then what
would the procedure be to replace the failed 73GB drive with another,
rebuild the RAID 1 volume, and then return the 146GB back to global
hotspare status?

 Or would I be better off just replacing the failed 73GB drive with
another 146gb, and just set it to hotspare status?



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