Configuring PERC from Kickstart.

Stephen Dowdy sdowdy at
Sun Jan 24 16:33:43 CST 2010

Stephen Dowdy wrote, On 01/24/2010 02:01 PM:
> Nathan Milford wrote, On 01/24/2010 01:10 PM:

>> Anyone ever find a way to configure PERC from a Kickstart script?

> What you have to worry about if you do make PERC mods live,
> is forcing the system to reprobe the SCSI bus.  Take a look
> at rescan_scsi_bus ( for

another thought... 'rmmod megaraid_mbox & megaraid_mm', then
reprobe them might solve your blockdevice reordering issues,
but that won't work if you have multiple DiskGroups or controllers
on MegaRAID you're working with.


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