PXE boot R900 via 10Gb Intel NIC?

Jefferson Ogata poweredge at antibozo.net
Sat Jan 23 16:47:28 CST 2010

On 2010-01-23 20:26, Tim Small wrote:
> Jefferson Ogata wrote:
>> Maybe there's some way to do it with ethtool -E, but I don't have any
>> way to find out what it is.
> The Intel datasheet?  May not help, tho, I suppose.

Thanks for the suggestion. I found the datasheet for the 82598EB
controller here:


The PXE configuration words on my controller are all 0xff, which is
invalid according to the datasheet (though much other stuff has
appropriate values). So all I can figure is that the Intel boot code
hasn't been programmed into the NIC.

The datasheet also mentions control-S as the startup menu trigger, and I
tried hitting that during POST but no dice.

>> Any other ideas?
> Unload the linux driver, and use a recent qemu/kvm to passthrough the
> PCI device, and then boot the DOS floppy image within qemu/kvm?

Oof. Might work, but may be hard to get there from a live CD boot.

Dell, this is lame. Very lame.

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