Warranty or?

Chase Bolt cbolt at datinggold.com
Thu Jan 21 15:49:05 CST 2010

I just humor them, call back 30 minutes later and tell them you did what 
they asked. Or if it is quick I just put them on hold, go get something 
to drink and then tell them it is complete with no change. They are 
probably just some low level techs reading off questions and responses 
from their screen.

Dr A V Le Blanc wrote:
> I have several hundred power edges in our machine room, and some
> of my colleagues have hundreds more.  Yet when one of these machines,
> under warranty, begins to misbehave, Dell don't seem to be interested.
> I sent them the system event logs from the DRAC, and the dset report,
> and the response I got was, "Try taking the machine apart and putting
> it back together, and see whether that makes a difference."
> This machine has been in service for 18 months, working without
> difficulty, and then on January 12 I received this error:
> PCIE Fatal Err: Critical Event sensor, bus fatal error (Bus 0 Device 3 Function 0) was asserted
> Err Reg Pointer: Unknown sensor, OEM Diagnostic data event was asserted
> I have not received an explanation of this warning.  The service
> running on the machine appeared to suffer disk corruption, but this
> was only apparent -- the disks appeared normal after repowering the
> machine.  Even an attempt to reboot from a diagnostic CD failed until
> I unplugged the machine and replugged it.
> To me this doesn't look like a badly seated board or memory error.
> Can anyone offer me any enlightenment.
>      -- Dr A O V Le Blanc
>      University of Manchester
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