How to reset BMC/ESM on PE1750

Mikolaj Kucharski mikolaj at
Tue Jan 12 08:19:30 CST 2010


I have unknown 'ESM Version' as shown below, and when server is booting
during POST screen it's written:

	Embedded server management is not present

but it is present, and I cannot communicate with it. Is there any way to
reset it or is it possible that ESM/BMC got broken even if DRAC is working?
I already tried to unplug the server from power and wait 30 seconds.

Is there a way to replace it if I have spare servers which
are in our broken servers pool, but have good mobo?

# racadm -r -u root -p calvin getsysinfo

RAC Information:
RAC Date/Time         = DSU+01:50:57
Firmware Version      = 3.38 (Build 12.14)
Firmware Updated      = DSU+00:16:09
Hardware Version      = A04
Current IP Address    =
Current IP Gateway    =
Current IP Netmask    =
DHCP enabled          = FALSE
Current DNS Server 1  =
Current DNS Server 2  =
DNS Servers from DHCP = FALSE
PCMCIA Card Info      = N/A

System Information:
System ID    =
System Model =
BIOS Version =
Asset Tag    =
Service Tag  =
Hostname     =
OS name      =
ESM Version  = Unknown

Watchdog Information:
Recovery Action         = No Action
Present countdown value = 0
Initial countdown value = 0

RAC Firmware Status Flags:
Global Reset Pending Flag = 0

best regards

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