Linux-PowerEdge Digest, Vol 67, Issue 5

Matthew Geier matthew at
Tue Jan 5 18:41:32 CST 2010

John LLOYD wrote:
> I've seen problems with linux vs cisco -- upon boot Linux enables the
> interface, and the cisco switch appears to take it's own sweet time
> getting around to synchronizing the link (speed, etc).  Linux gives up
> waiting.  (This is on SUSE install CD).  Netgear works better.  

 And not just with Linux. We've had Macs go into 'link local' mode due 
to not getting a response to their DHCP requests. Cisco switches support 
so many features that they try to negotiate on link up that some clients 
time out before the Cisco software finishes trying to negotiate every 
possible feature/extension they support. As a result we by default turn 
every thing off except link speed/duplex/flow control negotiation. 
'switchport mode access' and also turn on 'portfast'. The default is to 
try and auto-negotiate everything.

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