Troubleshoot slow / non-responsive OMSA web server?

John Oliver joliver at
Tue Jan 5 16:28:23 CST 2010

On Wed, Dec 30, 2009 at 04:09:06PM -0800, John Oliver wrote:
> I have a few PE2950s that have huge problems with OMSA working very
> slowly or not at all.  I don't see anything listening on 1311 on systems
> that work, and:
> [joliver at netcentric ~]$ rpm -ql srvadmin-webserver
> (contains no files)
> will stop and start all of the various items with
> no apparent problems.  I found /var/log/dsm_om_connsvc32dIO.log but that
> doesn't have any entries that help me.  What else can I look at?

Gotta try again.

I've identified three Windows 2003 Server systems that are running OMSA
5.5 that are particularly, horribly slow.  As in it takes about five
minutes to render the OMSA login page.  After giving login/password,
they sit there, ssslllooowly drawing bits and pieces of the screen.
Sometimes they just give up and return to a half-rendered login page.
There are no other issues... networking is fine, CPUs are not anything
close to being taxed, there is no excessive I/O, other apps respond just

What can I look at to find out what's wrong with OMSA on these systems?

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