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Phil Hale phale at zues.tamucc.edu
Tue Jun 16 15:10:56 CDT 2009

CentOS packages a KVM in their CentOS-plus channel.  Here are the
directions for using it with CentOS 5:


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On Tue, Jun 16, 2009 at 2:55 PM, Mark
Dundore<markdundore at westernintl.com> wrote:
> I'm pulling down the ISO now (at a blazing 24kb. ;) Is that KVM custom
> compile something you developed in-house? Also, what does the patching
> picture look like? (hate to recompile every time you turn around)...
> Thanks,
> Mark

You might try a different mirror or use bittorrent to download the ISO.

As for custom kernels, it is strongly, Strongly, STRONGLY, recommended
by the CentOS project that you do not use custom kernels unless you
have a really Really, REALLY good reason.  CentOS, like Redhat
Enterprise, is there to provide a stable, tested, and compatible
system that you know will work with the software it says it will work
with.  As soon as you change the kernel you have lost all of this
testing and binary module compatibility.

If you have a _really_ good reason, rigorous test processes to help
mitigate potential problems, and are willing to forgo all support that
CentOS provides (even though support might not be comparable to that
of a commercial company, there is still support by the community),
then maybe you could think about installing your own kernel.
Otherwise, don't do it.

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