Dell OpenManage and their TTY logs

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The size of these files is also being addressed in the latest patches
and newest version of OMSA when it is released.

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As you have RHEL5 I'm kind of assuming you have logrotate installed.  
If so, create /etc/logrotate.d/omsa-tty (name doesn't matter) containing
approximately the following:

/var/log/TTY_00000000.log {
     rotate 15

Once the file gets rotated OMSA will create another. If daily is too
aggressive try "weekly" instead.

On Oct 6, 2008, at 12:36, Tobias Sandhaas wrote:

> Hello,
> on most on our servers we have a bunch of TTY and EMM logs (eg 
> TTY_00000000.log) which are already huge and are continuously 
> increasing in size.
> First of all it is rather disturbing to have a program directly write 
> important files to /var/log/. Normally such information should not be 
> written directly but by using system tools like syslog. By doing this 
> other tools (like log-analysis tools) are easily able to handle these 
> information and the burden on the administrator side is reduced.
> Additionally the current state is not satisfactory. That means that i 
> am not able to rotate/clear/disable the exiting logfiles. Everytime i 
> remove or truncate the logfiles, they will be rewritten with exactly 
> *all* the older informations, i am not interested in. For example 
> raid/SAS informations which are months old!
> It is not only the size which matters, but in fact the inability to 
> control these informations.
> Remark: I have tried all things i can image, like
> - truncating the TTY files (zero size)
> - removing the TTY files
> - Restarting the OM-Services (dataeng + dsm_om_shrsvc)
> - Stopping the OM-Services, truncating logfiles and Re-starting.
> My question:
> - Is there any way to really rotate the logfiles?
>   (Did i oversee something?)
> - If not, is there a way to disable the logfiles?
> I urge the developers to think and improve this log situation as soon 
> as possible! This is not acceptable for us. I really recommend a 
> syslog-logging feature.
> Example Hardware:
> Poweredge 1950 with Perc5e + Perc5i + md1000 with up-to-date firmware,

> Dell OM 5.2 and current RHEL5 kernel.
> Regards
> Tobias Sandhaas
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