omreport storage battery: "battery sensor for Storage, failed was asserted"

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Fri May 23 10:05:56 CDT 2008

You can safely ignore this, provided that omreport storage battery says
that the health of the battery is either non-critical or ok. This is a
alert that the BMC will see periodically when the battery charge dips
below a certain level. This is part of the battery learn.

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Hi List,

We've been seeing the following error in esmlog:

	Storage ROMB Battery: battery sensor for Storage, failed was

Odd thing is that it comes and goes -- it'll be fine for two months,  
then fail, then 10 days later, deassert itself and be back to fine.  
(No reboots happening.) This is on two 6950s with firmware that's ~4  
months old, so probably slightly behind current, but not terribly out  
of date.

Is this a "real" hardware problem (call Dell, get new batteries,  
schedule downtime, replace parts), or a spurious problem with firmware  
(schedule downtime, update firmware)?



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