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Fri May 16 10:31:00 CDT 2008

>    I have never heard of OMSA or bonnie++, I will do a little 
>research.  Thanks for the tip.

Ahh, you might be missing a trick here then. You have older hardware there than
I have actually ever used, however some form of OMSA should work on it. You
might want to check out the information at and more
specifically and
which allow you to plug the unofficial Dell repositories into Yum for you, and
you can install Openmanage from there so long as the 6450 is supported. shows that OMSA 4.5 was the last version which supported the
6450, but I can't seem to find it in the repo - maybe Matt Domsch can comment on
where (indeed if) it can be found. I really hope you can get Openmanage
installed as it will make tracking down a physical fault a lot easier as it
provides a web gui (after install, https onto the servers ip, port 1311, auth
with the root credentials) for the full server status as well as basic raid
config etc, along with MIB plugins to net-snmpd to allow for hardware monitoring
of raid array status, temps, fans etc (at least on newer hardware :))

Bonnie++ is a disk/fs benchmark util - , and I
believe it's in the base CentOS repo so you can Yum Install it.

RHEL3 is the last mentioned distro at
ServiceTag=&SystemID=PWE_PNT_P3T_6450&os=WNET&osl=en&catid=&impid= so you might
want to try a slightly earlier release of Centos if you continue having problems
- we have 4.6 in production on a number of servers and its fine.

Best Regards, 
Richard Garner (A+, N+, AMBCS, MOS-O) 

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