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I have an elderly PE 2550 that I am using as a testbed platform.  That is, it is used for experimenting with networking setups, sysadmin scripting, virtualization, and anything I want to play with that I need actual hardware for (and thus can't just use a VM). As a consequence, there is absolutely no mission critical data on this box and if I wreck the OS, I can just reinstall and start over.

It has two SCSI drives in it, and several months ago one of them began reporting SMART errors. The output of smartctl -a is at the end of this email. Specifically, it looks to me like the disk found two bad blocks at that time but has not had any errors since, and two long background self-tests I ran just a few days ago found no errors. I don't know exactly when the errors first appeared, as it was before I began this job and inherited the box, but I know it was at least 8 months ago and no new bad blocks have cropped up since.

The LED on the front of the drive is green and the long self test comes up clean, and since I have no valuable data on the drive it's essentially "good enough" for me right now. And since it's well out of warranty and SCSI ultra-320 disks are needlessly expensive I don't plan to replace it until it croaks for good -- which it shows no sign of doing anytime soon. However, I am getting tired of the constant notifications from smartd.

So my question is -- how can I "reset" that SMART health status? I have been reading man pages (sg3_utils, smartmontools, etc.) and SCSI mode page documents all morning with no luck. Basically I want to either change the "threshold" for the LOGICAL UNIT FAILURE PREDICTION to more than the two errors its found or, if that's not possible, just zero out the grown defect list so smartd lets me know if any other errors crop up. Help?


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