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Shane Corbin at
Mon May 5 10:24:55 CDT 2008

I have a Dell Poweredge 6450 with a PERC 2/DC raid controller.  I have installed
the newest version of omsa available for debian through the apt repository

The web interface works great and so do the om utilities.  Except for one thing. 
The om utils do not recognize teh PERC 2/DC as a storage controller.  All of my
disks are managed with the PERC 2/DC due to the fact that the embedded AIC-7899P
controller is not raid capable.  This is the main reason for using these utilities.
 When a drive goes bad, I have to powerdown the machine in order to enter the
controller bios to silence the alarm, rebuild array, etc...

If anyone has any experience with the PERC 2/DC controller with the om utils please
help.  Dell tech support mentioned that I may need to use the array manager, I do
not see an "Array Manager."  Before switching to debian linux, the omsa installed
with windows server 2003 managed this controller just fine.

Shane Corbin
Independant Computer Consultant at

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