Poweredge 2950 - Quad-Core CPU Upgrade?

Michael_Christensen2 at Dell.com Michael_Christensen2 at Dell.com
Mon May 5 08:11:11 CDT 2008

Your 1st gen PE2950 supports all Dempsey and Woodcrest CPU's


P.S I emailed you some additional info private as well.

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Subject: Poweredge 2950 - Quad-Core CPU Upgrade?
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Hi Guys :)

I've got a Poweredge 2950 fitted with 2 x Intel Xeon 5110 (Dual-Core,
1.6GHz) and am pondering a CPU upgrade, over the last 12 months its
steadily picked up more work, and faster quad-core CPUs are starting
to be pretty high on the "Gosh, wouldn't that be really nice and
useful?" list!  So what's the fastest this little beastie can take?

Before posting I've had a flick through the archives about CPU
compatibility -- worth noting that I *believe* my system is first
generation, has 16GB RAM (8 x 2GB FB-DIMMs) and a PERC 5/i with 6 x
500GB SATA.  Assuming I'm not totally wrong, my memory suggests I
could get quad-core 1.83GHz and 2GHz processors when I bought the
system but they were bloody expensive - so Xeon E5335s might fit?  The
assumption that it's a '1st Gen' comes from the fact my bezel doesn't
have "Poweredge 2950 II" or "Poweredge 2950 III" although is there a
nice easy way to be sure?

I'll be acquiring the parts from our distributor (Computer 2000) and
fitting myself, given it's way out of warranty and I'd like to keep
the upgrade cost minimal.

The system runs Debian GNU/Linux and I believe it's running nearly the
latest BIOS already; I'm happy to run any commands necessary to
diagnose exactly what it can take!

Warm Regards,
Alex Howells

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