Problem installing latest DSET on a RHEL5 server..

Florent Gilain Florent.Gilain at
Mon May 5 06:51:42 CDT 2008


I have a problem trying to install for the first time, DSET application a one of my servers ; here is the error message :

Choose an option:

  1) Read DSET Release Notes First
     Show latest information concerning features and known issues

  2) Create DSET Report Only
     Creates a DSET report and saves it to user's home directory

  3) Clear ESM Hardware Log Only
     Only clears the ESM Hardware Log contents

  4) Install/Upgrade DSET Application
     Permanently installs or upgrades the DSET application for repeat use

Enter option (1-4) or 'q' to quit: 4

DSET version le paquetage delldset n'est pas installé already installed.
Do you want to upgrade/reinstall? (y/n): y

rpm: les arguments de --prefix doivent commencer par un /
Error: RPM had a problem installing or upgrading DSET. Aborting

Any idea ?


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