TTY_00000000.log files

Rob See rob at
Sat Mar 29 21:25:53 CDT 2008


	I'm running with OpenManage 5.3 under RHEL 4 and 5. I'm having a  
problem with huge TTY_00000000.log files being generated in my log  
directory. The system uptime is 45 days and the most recent log file  
is 690 mb. I spoke to the linux support people and they thought it was  
openmange, so I spoke to that group and they thought it was a linux  
thing. One suggestion from the linux guys was that I should turn off  
patrolread, and they wouldn't grow as fast. That didn't seem like a  
good solution to me. I realize I can just delete them, but is there  
any way to make it so they aren't generated at all.


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