Delay Battery Learn Cycle

Mike M saetaes at
Wed Jan 30 10:53:42 CST 2008


I am trying to delay the battery learning cycle (which affects
performance on the machine because the controller switches to WRTHU
mode during the learn),  but am unable to using OpenManage.  Here is
the command I am trying to run:

[root at host root]# omconfig storage battery action=delaylearn
controller=0 battery=0 days=7
Operation disabled. Read, action=delaylearn
.Refer to the documentation for more information.

I'm wondering if this has to do with the fact that I'm not within 7
days of the battery learn start?

[root at host root]# omreport storage battery
List of Batteries in the System

Controller PERC 5/i Integrated (Slot Embedded)
ID                        : 0
Status                    : Non-Critical
Name                      : Battery 0
State                     : Learning
Recharge Count            : Not Applicable
Max Recharge Count        : Not Applicable
Predicted Capacity Status : Unknown
Learn State               : Active
Next Learn Time           : 45 days 18 hours
Maximum Learn Delay       : 7 days 0 hours

Is there any way to do this without rebooting?  Is there any way to
disable the learning cycle completely using either OMSA or MegaCli?



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