SOL - getting garbage from kernel and getty

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> Regarding using racadm, I must say that this machine does not have a
> DRAC, I am using a BMC only. racadm might still apply, though, but I do
> not have OMSA installed.
> Is there any difference in configuring the BMC from racadm versus BIOS
> ?

The following maximum baud rates are allowed for BMC serial communication and SOL:

19200 for PowerEdge 1425SC and other PowerEdge x8xx systems.
57600 for PowerEdge x9xx and xx0x systems without Dell Remote Access Controller 5 (DRAC 5).
115200 for PowerEdge x9xx and xx0x systems with DRAC 5.

Try reducing the speed to 57600 baud, 115200 is only supported on systems with the DRAC 5 Controller.


You should read this:

An I would recommend configure GRUB to redirect to serial as well, and turn off Serial Redirect after boot.

Harald Jensås

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