Dell Utiliity Boot CD?

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I would like to run Dell's diagnostic tools on a Poweredge 6850 which is
freezing up intermittently (I've already tried memory swap to no avail).
Unfortunately I don't have a Dell Utility partition on the machine
because the OS is Oracl Enterprise Linux, and the Dell install discs
would not let me install that OS (even though it's identical to RHEL),
and hence I had to install manually which meant no Utility partition.
So, the question is, is there a boot disk version of the Dell Utility
(that can run off the boot disk)?

Hi Peter,

Below you have the link to the 32bit diagnostic tool - use it to test
hardware, HDD's, memory etc.
There is both a Linux and a Windows version of the tool and both can
create bootable CD's, floppies, USB keys or images for a PXE server.

Dell 32 Bit Diagnostics, Diagnostics Utility, English, Multi System,
v.5099A0, 5099.1

Regarding your utility partition issue: you can install it even if you
plan on using a unsupported OS later on. Just boot the Server Assistant
or Systems Build cd/dvd (depending on what version you use) install the
utility partition, reboot and install your OS manually, by booting the
OS install cd/dvd - you don't have to finish the installation using the
Dell OMSA or BUU cd/dvd.


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