install RHEL4.2 doesn't recognize RAID controller

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Wed Dec 10 19:13:54 CST 2008

The PERC 6 doesn't have a driver for RHEL 4.2.  Without messing with the file and maybe getting it to work, you would need RHEL 4.5 with
install via linux dd or RHEL 4.6.

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> Hello,
> I need to install a RHEL4.2 on a DELL PE1950, with 2 Seagate SAS
> (Cheetah 15K.5 ST373455SS) hard drives and a LSI corporation Perc 6/i FW
> package 6.1.1-0047 RAID controller (RAID 1).
> The first redhat install disc doesn't find any hard drive, so it asks me
> to give a driver disk, or to chose a driver.
> I have tried to insert different disks containing dowloaded drivers from
>,but they are not recognized (nothing happens when I
> insert the disk, I have to select back to go to the next step...).
> I have tried to choose the megaraid_sas and ata_piix drivers which are
> propsed on a list, but it doesn't work either.
> So could anyone give me a method to make a driver disk (I found a lot of
> tutorials to make floppy drivers disks, but I have no floppy drive on my
> PE1950!!) ?
> Or where can I find ready to grave images ? Or installation disks whith
> extended drivers, Or anything else, what lets me install my RHEL4.2 on
> my DELL-PE1950 !
> (Just for information, I need RHEL4.2 for a softwre editor which can
> only run on this version...)
> Thank you very much for your help,
> Laetitia
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