PowerEdge 1800 and Dual-Core Processor Support

Elazar Broad elazar at hushmail.com
Wed Aug 27 17:17:32 CDT 2008

 I know this is slightly off topic, I tried to get this information 
through various contacts at Dell, no luck though. I have a 
PowerEdge 1800, running BIOS revision A07(latest) and I would like 
to know if it can support dual core processors. I have 2 Intel 
Currently, the machine will not post when using this processor, 
however, according to Intel, the chipset can handle a dual-core 
processor, so I am assuming that the issue is a BIOS limitation. I 
did notice a vague entry about dual-core and SMBios in the change 
log for the A06 bios revision for this machine. Does anyone know if 
there are plans to add dual-core support, or if there is a custom 
or beta bios that supports it?


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