Matthew Geier matthew at acfr.usyd.edu.au
Tue Aug 26 23:21:54 CDT 2008

Nick_Parrott at dell.com wrote:
> Mohammad,
> Do you have the pass-thru modules for the NICs or switches (M6220) 
> instead? The pass-thru modules will require all live ports to be 
> populated, and you should get a NIC LED as the blade boots, once into 
> the OS it’s up to the driver so the link LEDs may go off. The switch 
> should be fine with even a single cable.
> For the purposes of isolation, does a live disto work ok on the 
> machine with the NICs?

My brief experience is that both the NICs and the Perc controller don't 
work even with RHEL5 unless you install the Dell drivers - I installed 
two M600s using the Dell 'server assistant'. If I just booted of the 
RHEL CD's it didn't find the disk or network, so the install couldn't 
continue. Using Dell's server assistant merges the required drivers into 
the install process.

I think the network is a new cut of the Broadcom chips and they are not 
supported by older releases. QNX 6.3 has the same issue - boots but 
can't find disk or network.

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