Problems with the 6/iR

Matthew Schumacher matt.s at
Wed Aug 20 11:40:50 CDT 2008


I picked up some new 2950's and they have this new SAS 6/iR controller
that seems to be a major step back from the previous 5i cards.

I have 3 disks and want to provision disks 0 and 1 as a raid 1 mirror,
then disk 2 as a passthough for rsync backup.  In the 5i controller I
could just make a raid 1 mirror with two disks and a raid 0 stripe with
one disk and be good to go, but this controller doesn't want to cooperate.

First, it doesn't really say anything about raid levels in the bios, you
just get a create integrated mirror or integrated stripe options.  The
IM option only lets you choose 2 disks, so I assume that's raid 1, but
the IS option lets you choose more than 1 disk, but doesn't say anything
about raid level.  If I select 3 disks is that raid 5 or raid 0?  Who knows?

Second, if I provision disks 0 and 1 as a mirror then exit, it shows me
two disks, a virtual disk and disk 2 which is what I want, but disk 2 is
the first disk detected (sda) and the virtual disk is the second (sdb).

Now the questions:

Can this controller be made to work or should I mail this stuff back to

Is the 6i controller any better?  Does it actually show you raid levels
and let you configure it how you want?

Can one be upgraded to the other?  I see that the card is modular in the


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