Poweredge 1900 & CentOS 5

Otso Helenius otso.helenius at tkk.fi
Mon Aug 11 17:32:36 CDT 2008

Lainaus Brad Hein <linuxbrad at gmail.com>:

> Once you install OpenManage it doesn't work until all the services are
> started.
> Try running:
> #srvadmin-services.sh restart

I've installed and restarted all services. Everything seems to be in  
top shape working as expected. It's the server itself (PE 1900) which  
i suspect is somehow artificially crippled (disabled features),  
because I can only read the system board ambient temp but it reports  
other sensors as "na" even with the "ipmitool sdr type Temperature".  
It says sensors 01h, 02h and Cpu Temp Interface are Disabled. I  
installed the recommended complete OMSA metapackage.

  * Otso Helenius

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