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> 2008/8/3 Jared <list-dell at>:
> > Can you be a little more specific about what you're trying to do?  I'm
> > running Etch amd64 on a PowerEdge 2950 and it works great.  If you're just
> > trying to install OMSA, it's easiest to use the Debian port available here:
> >
> To try and answer the original poster, the DRAC isn't really employed
> through Debian Etch as its an "out of band" system -- configure it
> with an IP address and setup the NICs appropriately and you'll have a
> web interface (in addition to other methods of getting at it) for
> fixing the server remotely.  You should be able to get on the console,
> powercycle the server, view essential information about your
> temperatures, fan speeds and also configure the DRAC to send you
> e-mail alerts when things go a bit pear-shaped. :)
> I think your RAID controller works fine, if you have Debian Etch
> installed -- assuming you're talking about management then the Dell
> OMSA tools linked above can help. Particularly useful is the
> 'omreport' which can be invoked something along the lines of:
>     omreport storage pdisk controller=0
> It'll give output about the state of physical disks, virtual arrays,
> controllers, enclosures. Not to mention temperature sensors, power
> supplies, etc.

this is working fine ! Thanks ;)

the issue now is to have from where to read, any source of info on the tool, as I figured:

dell1:/opt/dell/srvadmin# omreport --help
Error! Invalid option specified: --help


thanks again,

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