PE 2950 and debian

Jared list-dell at
Sun Aug 3 17:02:52 CDT 2008

Can you be a little more specific about what you're trying to do?  I'm 
running Etch amd64 on a PowerEdge 2950 and it works great.  If you're just 
trying to install OMSA, it's easiest to use the Debian port available here:


On 08/03/08 16:20, Matheus Bezerra Estrela Rodrigues wrote:
> hail hail,
> I know this question may be already answered, but I cant search in the list homepage :(
> I have 3 PE 2950 and debian etch amd64 on it. and I cant use the DRAC nor the raid through debian. on OpenBSD I can see but not control. I found many packages that say to do the job, but before this try-and-error epic war I'd like to know if someone wouldn't have a word of advice :)
> the dell tools got me nowhere. I used alien to make rpms look like debs, but they complaint about the amd64 arch :(
> so, thanks in advance,
> matheus

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