Error displayed on PE2800's LCD : EB113 PCIE Fatal Err ?

Jason Ede J.Ede at
Tue Nov 6 07:29:08 CST 2007

Its just a question of finding the OID for the snmp trap...

I've been looking for a comprehensive list myself... It would be good if could get the info out of openmanage itself, but that would be too easy...


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Subject: Error displayed on PE2800's LCD : EB113 PCIE Fatal Err ?

Hello all,

I'm running a PE2800 runing RHEL3 ES. I'm running Nagios to monitor all my servers, and i received no alert about any problem on this server...

Yesterday, I saw that the led was orange instead of green on the front of the server; so i connected to le OMSA 1311 port to see the problem, and i can see this :

All is green (ok) but if i look at the "Hardware Log" menu, i can see this :

System Event - PCIE Fatal Err (Slot 6)
Err Reg Pointer OEM Diagnostic data event

Nb : this server is direct attached to a DELL/EMC CX300 array.

My problem is not to correct the problem (the Gold support team will do it soon...), my problem is just to know what i could check using remote snmp query or something else to get an alert when the led becomes orange instead of green...on any server..

thanks a lot


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