Perl 5/E and 'import foreign configuration'

Steve Thompson smt at
Mon May 21 14:32:05 CDT 2007

I have a PE2900 with a Perc 5/E card attached to an MD-1000, fully 
populated with fifteen 300 GB SAS drives, configured as 7 RAID-1 sets of 
two disks each and a global hot spare. I also have a second PE2900 with a 
Perc 5/E card that had never been used (no external drives were ever 
connected to it, nor was the relevant BIOS screen ever invoked by me). To 
test the ease of setting up this second machine as a standby file server 
in the event that the first one failed, I shut down the first machine and 
connected the MD1000 to the second system, and then booted it into the 
Perc firmware via CTRL/R. To my surprise, the disk configuration was 
already imported and present on the Perc; I did not have to 'import 
foreign configuration', or indeed to change anything. The system then 
booted into Linux and all volumes were available. Is this expected?


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