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Mon May 21 10:37:41 CDT 2007

The KIPMI0 process sometimes uses lots of CPU, 63.5%, every one or two
minutes, and since the servers are to be Oracle RAC servers, and for Oracle
RAC load balancing, Oracle PMON process needs to read CPU (load average)
data, and make load balancing decisions based on that data, I am not sure if
KIPMI0's high CPU usage would cause any wrong decisions made by Oracle
database PMON process.


On 5/21/07, Dirkjan Bussink <dirkjan at ruby-sparks.nl> wrote:
> hai wu wrote:
> > Since we are using DRAC card, it doesn't seem that we would need KIPMI0
> > process to be running. Is it possible to turn it off? Since it is a
> > prerequisite for Dell OpenManage software (we are using it), I am not
> > sure if it is Ok to prevent it from running.
> >From the page on the Dell DRAC card
> http://www.dell.com/content/topics/global.aspx/power/en/ps2q02_bell
> ---
> DRAC III is compatible with PowerEdge 1650 and 4600 servers and the
> PowerEdge 7150. These systems are based on a standard hardware
> implementation called Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI),
> which allows Dell to bring remote management capabilities to market at a
> lower cost.
> ---
> Look like it uses IPMI... However, you don't specifically need kernel
> support in order to be able to use IPMI remote, so I think it is not
> needed by DRAC either (unless you use DRAC locally to do things on the
> machine). But I don't know anything about that, I only use IPMI for
> monitoring, serial console and power management (works perfectly).
> But what is the problem with having a process running for this? It
> doesn't really do any harm :). You could use for example for hardware
> monitoring to see if you system overheats or if all fans are running.
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> Dirkjan Bussink
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