PE2950 with CentOS 5: What drivers best to use???

Dirkjan Bussink dirkjan at
Sat May 19 09:39:05 CDT 2007

Byron wrote:

> Is this a very generic driver, and could my system be
> any faster if I installed a specific driver from
> Dell???

I don't think Dell even provides custom drivers. From the

The new PERC 5 RAID controllers use SAS (Serial Attached SCSI), and a
new driver, megaraid_sas. The new SAS 5 non-RAID controllers use a new
driver, mptsas, part of the mptfusion driver family. Both drivers are
included in 2.6.x kernels, and have been backported to the
RHEL3 2.4.21-x kernels.

This is one of the many differences between Windows and Linux. In the
Linux world, the kernel comes with almost every driver and you don't
need drivers from specific vendors. In some cases, drivers are not yet
available and vendors can provide them, but as time progresses, these
drivers are most of the time included into the kernel when they proved
themselves and adhere to the kernel coding standards.

So even in the case when drivers are available in the kernel or from a
vendor, it is best to choose the kernel drivers as they are most of the
time more mature and better integrate with the system. This makes the
system also easier to maintain.

Dirkjan Bussink

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