firmware-tools package?

Reid Wightman reidkr at
Wed May 16 20:22:01 CDT 2007

Michael E Brown wrote:

> To update your PERC, you will need dell-lsiflash module. The LSI flash
> RPMs are in the repo, as well as in the bios-hdrs/ subdir
> of the software repo (ROMs only, no RPMS).

Okay, I downloaded dell-lsiflash, installed it, etc.  Not sure what to 
do with it at this point, as the documentation is a little sparse 
:)...when I run 'linflash -q' though it complains about not being able 
to find the device (there's no megadev device listed in my /proc/devices).

I see the roms on  I'm assuming that I need to download a 
firmware that matches the vendor/device code on my controller, but my 
perc 3/di is 1028:000a and I don't see any header with that value.  Its 
'subsystem' label on the bus is 1028:0121 which does match quite a few 
of the packages.  What's the general scheme for these files, e.g. how do 
I make sure that I'm getting the latest header rpm that is correct for 
my card?

> Which OS are you running?

RHEL4U5(AS, though I doubt that matters).

> I noticed the Makefile was missing from the tarball a couple weeks ago,
> and I have an update queued up to fix that oversight. (Most people
> install the RPM rather than compiling from source.) Additionally, I now
> have public git repos available as of yesterday. :) (still working on
> updating docs.)

Yeah, I'm a little strange.  I build my own RPMs before putting them in 
my dell RHN channel.  I tweak things if necessary before deploying to 
all of my servers.

Thanks a ton for your help!

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