Poweredge 2650 RHEL4 install PERC3D/I RAID disk errors

Gianluca_Allegretta at DELL.com Gianluca_Allegretta at DELL.com
Tue May 15 09:18:08 CDT 2007


As you can see here the 2650 is well supported with RHEL4



If you want to do a fresh RHEL 4.4 installation use the latest Server Assistant. 


If you still have problem try a diagnostics on disks and/or recreate the raid volume. 



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Hello all.

I have a 2650 I am repurposing and attempting to upgrade to RHEL4 u4.  I have been looking forward to getting things on LVM and the newer kernel.

This ends in failure during the install when it tries to partition/format the disks.  This happens when using the RHEL boot disk and the Dell install assistant CDs.

I have the Version, Rev. A12 firmware on the controller and the A21 System BIOS.

It feels like the aacraid driver on the RH iso may not be compatible with the PERC3D/i.  Or it could be the fact the PERC3D/i were so good they switched to megaraid chips. (Note: sarcasm)

Has anyone encountered this and is there a work around?

Thanks for any guidance you can offer.


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