Missing disk halts boot sequence

James Pattie james.pattie at gpsinsight.com
Thu May 10 13:10:13 CDT 2007

Since you did a Software Raid install, I'm willing to bet you used Grub
as your boot loader.  Grub doesn't support software raid out of the box
like lilo used to, so it won't have grubified each of the drives and if
you took the first drive offline (don't have the original email around
anymore to verify that) then the second drive isn't grubified and the
bios is doing the right thing since it can't find an os to boot. :)

Pretty much what you have to do is tell grub to install itself to each
disk in the raid array, which is a pain-in-the-butt.  Personally I use
lilo when I want to use software raid still.


James A. Pattie
james.pattie at gpsinsight.com

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> >> Why should a key be pressed?! I want the box to boot 
> regardless of a 
> >> failed disk. No setting to be found in the BIOS.
> >>
> >> Anyone know a workaround? (Aside from the obvious 'buy a hardware 
> >> RAID card')?
> > What BIOS setting do you have for "Halt on Error"?
> I have BIOS version A02 for this PowerEdge 860, but the only 
> setting with the word 'error' in it is the 'Report Keyboard 
> Errors', which is set to 'Do Not Report'.
> I've looked at all settings which have a submenu, but none 
> have 'Halt on Error' or any such setting. I've also looked at 
> settings 'SATA Port 0' and 1, these are set to AUTO (other 
> choice OFF).
> Weird. There is a newer BIOS, A03, however, the only thing 
> this BIOS should enable is some extra error checking for 
> wrong CPUs. I don't feel like updating the BIOS unless really 
> necessary.
> Any other tips?
> Thanks,
> Bart
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