bootstrap.cgi in Dell yum software repo

Eric Yablonowitz eyablon at
Fri May 4 10:55:16 CDT 2007

>> 1. Is there a way to get the source script (for mirroring) similar to
>> the way is provided?

> I've made a _tools/ directory and made -SOURCE symlinks to *all* the
> files that have dynamically-generated content.

Sorry.  I was looking in /hardware/_tools (which doesn't have the  
bootstrap.cgi-SOURCE).  I didn't see that there was a /software/ 
_tools as well.

> The rule is that the first person to do this gets to help me write
> instructions...

Happy to help!

> My main difficulty right now is that we dont have rysnc inbound access
> to the server. If you want I can rsync push content. You can either  
> send
> me a rsync server/port to send stuff to, or a passwordless ssh private
> key I can use to rsync push stuff. I wouldnt mind setting up a daily
> push

Thanks!  I will contact you directly about rsync push.


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