Problem installing Redhat Enterprise Linux ES 4 on PowerEdge 2800 - SOLVED?

Peter Kjellstrom cap at
Wed Mar 21 09:14:20 CST 2007

On Wednesday 21 March 2007, Bill Tangren wrote:
> > You only need drivers for what you want to install from and to (for me
> > that's typically the driver for the NIC when I netinstall plus the disk
> > driver/raid). cont. below.
> >
> >>> I don't know how I am supposed to know what drivers to load.
> >>> When it was asking for a driver for the hard disks, it gave a list, but
> >>> my disk manufacturer wasn't on it. I'll take this up with Dell tech
> >>> support, but any guidance any of you can provide would be greatly
> >>> appreciated.
> >>
> >> There aren't drivers for hard disks, thanks $deity. There are drivers
> >> for various IDE/ATA/SCSI adapters. They may go by generic names. I.e.
> >> Perc3/Di is really Adaptec's aacraid, and so on.
> >
> > fwiw, a short list (from my 1850 cluster with centos-4):
> > simple disk, no raid : driver named "mptscsih" (LSI SCSI)
> The LSI bios is 5.06.06. Is it possible I need to upgrade the bios?

Not that I keep track of version numbers but if I had problems and not the 
latest firmare, yes I'd upgrade.

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