2950 remote access howto?

Christof Haerens christof.haerens at sos.be
Wed Mar 21 07:40:37 CST 2007

Marcus Franke wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 21, 2007 at 01:12:49PM +0100, Christof Haerens wrote:
>> Hi,
>> We just bought our first dell poweredge (2950, 2 x quad core, 4GB, 
>> perc5/i, dual power). Reading through the documentation it appears the 
>> server chassis power on/off could be controlled with the remote access.
>> I've configured the Baseboard Management controller / Remote access 
>> configuration from the bios: nic1 is set to shared, I've put a fixed 
>> address in the config and I configured a password for the user root (has 
>> admin rights).
>> When the server is down, I can ping the remote access, but neither 
>> ipmitool or racadm can make a connection...
>> Has anybody a quick howto in using the remote access?
> Have a look for OpenIPMI. With this package you can access the
> BMC, which has to be configured first.
> You have to configure the BMC before the OS starts, there is a
> message during the startup process after the SCSI Controller messages if
> I remember correctly.
> regards,
> Marcus
This is wat I did. I pressed the CTRL-r (I think it was the r) while the 
bios printed the "Remote acces configuration 5..4..3..2..1" message and 
configured the remote access ip, netmask, gw, username ansd password. I 
also download the OpenIPMI-Tools (from fedora yum) and the racadm rpms 
(from dell).
I'm currently not at the machine. The machine is down (put power is 
connected). I can ping the ip address I gave to the remote access. But 
ipmitool (from OpenIPMI-Tools) and racadm (from dell) both fails with 
message they can't connect. A telnet to the ip on port 623 (which should 
be the default ipmi port) also fails.
I haven't tried all this when the machine was up, but one of the 
advantages of the remote access was controlling the chassis power.

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