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(sorry for all the top posting, stuck on a crappy mua today)
i'm using 5.x debs on a dapper server and an rhel 4 server.  digging back in my memory i think there were two problems: (1) not properly detecting omsa version (debian/ubuntu specific, omreport executes rpm to find its own version???) and (2) invoking omreport with the wrong argumens in one instance (omreport controller instead of omreport vdisk), which results in missing some potential problems.
again, this is all from memory...
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> i  just wanted to throw out a warning that you should check that the 
> plugins actually work (i.e. pull out a disk,
> power-cable, etc and make sure they say what they should) before blindly 
> trusting them.  from personal experience i know that the 
> script doesn't work without a small patch or two, at 
> least on my systems.  if you'd like i can send you a copy of it (i sent 
> a patch upstream and never heard back).

really? - i use it as is and it seems fine - what does it fail to do for 
you ? What OS are you using?


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