FW: PE6950 and PERC4e/DC

Dwayne Medeiros Dwayne.Medeiros at Ipsos-NA.com
Wed Mar 7 09:41:57 CST 2007

Hi Olle,
	I've kinda asked the same question and this is the result I've
received back from dell:

The PE 6950 is a new 9th Generation AMD based server from Dell that will
not support PERC4, it only supports PERC 5 for SAS.  

But we may have other options of using PERC 4 that can be supported to
run a PV 220 on a PE 6850 quad socket Intel based server.  Will that
work for you? 


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Is it supported to put PERC4e/DC cards in a PE6950? At least I can't
select this card as an option when ordering a new machine?

We are considering to replace a PE2950 with a PE6850 or PE6950 to get
more cpu power, but we have two PERC4 and PVs that we want to reuse in
the new server.


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