Strange memory issue(?) with 6850

Dominique.GARNIER at Dominique.GARNIER at
Tue Mar 6 04:00:57 CST 2007

>> What is "problematic" about the first server?  Are you just looking
at the output of "free", or is there something more going on?

First i was always looking at the +/- buffers/cache line when i was
saying that i was concerned
these server.

What's bothering me is seeing the free value on the +/- buffers/cache
line free value decreasing 
continually although the server is doing nothing. What's bothering me
too is that the
servers experiencing this issue are also experiencing a memory leak from
OMSA. (only 6850s)
for example, i saw OMSA taken up to 1Go of RSS memory. Would it be
possible that upon the 
restart of OMSA not all the memory is reclaimed by the kernel ?

To put it simply:

On the 6850: ~150Mo of RSS memory used -> 5.7Go free on the +/-
buffers/cache line after a few days
On the 6800 or 2950: ~150Mo of RSS memory used -> ~8Go memory free after
a few days

All the servers are not in production state yet and have no other third
party program installed
other than OMSA. No X server running too.


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