DRAC/MC & PE1955 using GUI Console Redirection failed

Martin Flemming martin.flemming at desy.de
Sat Jun 16 08:10:23 CDT 2007

Hi !

I want to use the GUI Console Redirection of the  DRAC/MC
and 10 x PE1955 in one Rack, but unfortunatly it's failed ....

I've use a firefox 2.0.04 ...

Both, the DRAC/MC- and the KVM-Module are in the same subnet ..

My DRAC/MC-Informationen:

  DRAC/MC: Datum/Uhrzeit        Fri Jun 15 18:27:24 2007 GMT+01:00
  DRAC/MC-Primärversion        1.3 (Build 06.12)
  DRAC/MC-Standby-Version       N/A
  Firmware-Aktualisierung       Tue Feb 13 14:08:15 2007 GMT+01:00
  Hardware-Version      A00
  Aktuelle IP-Adresse
  Aktuelles IP-Gateway
  Aktuelle IP-Netzmaske
  MAC-Adresse   00:15:C5:F8:C7:8C
  DHCP aktiviert?       Disabled

  System-ID     018A
  Systemmodell  Dell Modular Server Enclosure
  Service-Tag-Nummer    6JDJX2J

And my KVM Configuration

And my KVM Configuration

  KVM-Vorhandensein     Present
  KVM-Modell    Avocent Digital Access KVM
  KVM-Firmware-Version  1.20.02
  KVM-Hardwareversion   0.00.48
  KVM-Status    Ready
  Aktuelle IP-Adresse
  Aktuelles IP-Gateway
  Aktuelle IP-Netzmaske
  MAC-Adresse   00:E0:86:08:97:5A
  DHCP aktiviert?       Disabled

If i've want to connect to one console of these Blades with the  GUI
Console Redirection my Browser becomes the viewer.jnlp to execute .. 

i see that the  java engine starts to run, but after ca. 20 seconds i've got a
network timeout ...

.. also with internet explorer 7 ....

Something (permissions, daemons or something else ..) is missing ..

Any hints ?

.. maybe some configurations on the Blades ?

Did i need to configure the BMC on the Blades (there are not configured till yet) ?

Are there some debugging-tools or methods for it ?



Martin Flemming
DESY / IT          office : Building 2b / 008a
Notkestr. 85       phone  : 040 - 8998 - 4667
22603 Hamburg      mail   : martin.flemming at desy.de

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