File Permissions in OMSA 5.2 (SLES10)

David Carter dpc22 at
Thu Jun 14 07:56:38 CDT 2007

After installing OMSA 5.2 on a number of Poweredge 2950s running SLES 10, 
I seem to have ended up with a collection of world writable files:


/opt/dell/srvadmin/oma/.omaipc is part of the srvadmin-omacore RPM. The 
other 4 files seem to be created as the various monitoring packages start.

Is there an easy way to fix the file permissions? Two of the files:


are recreated on boot, so a simple chmod doesn't help.

My fallback would be to restrict access to /var/log and /opt/dell. The CLI 
is the only part of OMSA that I need.

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