bootstrap for new yum setup

Michael E Brown Michael_E_Brown at
Thu Jun 28 17:08:28 CDT 2007

On Thu, Jun 28, 2007 at 02:58:04PM -0700, gman at wrote:
> Michael E Brown wrote:
> >Your system is supported. So, the next trick is finding out why yum isnt
> >installing OMSA. I suppose from looking at it, that it probably is
> >connected to the dell-hw-indep-repository, but isnt seeing the
> >dell-hw-specific-repository.
> >
> >A) Which version of yum are you using?
> [root at hosta tmp]# yum --version
> 2.4.3
> [root at hosta tmp]#
> >B) rpm -qa | grep dell
> [root at hosta tmp]# rpm -qa | grep dell
> dell-hw-specific-repository-1-6.el4
> dell-hw-indep-repository-1-10.el4
> firmware-addon-dell-1.3.0-1.el4

These are all good.

rpm -qa | grep libsmbios
rpm -qa | grep firmware

To ensure that the rest of the RPMS you need are installed (I am 99.99%
confident they are.)

> [root at hosta tmp]#

Thanks for your IP information. I looked through the logfiles and I see
the problem, but I dont know why it is doing that. I see the following
in the httpd access.log:

GET /repo/hardware/$sys_ven_id&sys_dev_id=$sys_dev_id&osname=el4&basearch=x86_64&repo_config=$repo_config&dellsysidpluginver=$dellsysidpluginver HTTP/1.1

This means that yum is not filling in the '$sys_ven_id' or '$sys_dev_id'
variables like it is supposed to. The 'firmware-addon-dell' RPM has the which is supposed to fill these in.

Can you send your /etc/yum.conf? Specifically, I am looking for

If that doesnt work, we start sprinkling 'print' statements through to see if it is running. (I've tested it on yum
2.4.3, so it should be working.)

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