bootstrap for new yum setup

gman at gman at
Thu Jun 28 15:05:03 CDT 2007

Michael E Brown wrote:
> Hmm. Error message would be nice.
> I suspect that the only thing that failed was "up2date -i
> dell-hw-specific-repository", as that is the only thing that does
> anything with up2date in the bootstrap script.
> You can just do a "yum -y install dell-hw-specific-repository" instead
> to pull in the correct RPMS.
> I take patches, so if you see a way to cleanly support your setup in
> addition to the default, I would welcome adding this.
> --
> Michael

Yes. just an up2date file not found error.

here is a patch
--- bootstrap.cgi       2007-06-28 12:51:52.000000000 -0700
+++ bootstrap.cgi.yum   2007-06-28 13:00:13.000000000 -0700
@@ -146,7 +146,12 @@
  echo -e "\nInstalling platform-specific repository RPM."
  case $dist in
-        up2date -i dell-hw-specific-repository
+        if [ -f /usr/bin/yum ]
+        then
+         yum -y install dell-hw-specific-repository
+        else
+         up2date -i dell-hw-specific-repository
+        fi
          yum -y install dell-hw-specific-repository

After the install I do "yum install srvadmin-all" it fails:
[root at hosta tmp]# yum install srvadmin-all
Setting up Install Process
Setting up repositories
Reading repository metadata in from local files
Parsing package install arguments
No Match for argument: srvadmin-all
Nothing to do
[root at hosta tmp]#


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