Need PERC RAID status on 64-bit RHES4 Linux

Noah Spurrier noah at
Wed Jun 27 20:00:24 CDT 2007

I'm running RHES4 64-bit on Dell 1850's and Dell 2850's with PERC
controllers. The Dell RPMs I found to install MegaPR to query the RAID status
are only 32-bit aware. It may be possible to install these, but I have not
figured out the magic. I just want to have Nagios tell me when a drive in the
array fails! Currently, the only way I can get array status is by booting
into the DRAC and then going into the RAID setup to view the status of the
array. It's absurd that I can't do this from the command-line. What am I
doing wrong? I can give more clues if necessary.


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