Can't initialize Logical Drive of a PERC 3/QC (PowerEdge 4600)

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Wed Jun 27 07:24:15 CDT 2007


I need to configure a PowerEdge 4600 with PERC 3/QC
like the following:
 6 * SCSI 73 GB 10000rpm (Logical device 0; RAID5)
 2 * SCSI 36 GB 15000rpm (Logical device 1; RAID1)

I've done this in the 'PERC/CERC BIOS Configuration Utility U827'
I managed the configuration without problems.
I managed to initialize the logical device 0 without problems.
When I try to initialize the logical device 1, it hangs at 41%.
Aborting is hardly impossible, because the utility response
very very slowly on keyboard inputs.

Any ideas?
Do I really need to initialize the Logical device?

PS: Some notes on PERC 3/QC
    BIOS:     3.35
    Firmware: 199A

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