hardware repository - configuration update

Michael E Brown Michael_E_Brown at dell.com
Tue Jun 26 15:53:09 CDT 2007

All hardware repository users:

    The new method for setting up the hardware repository is to run the
bootstrap.cgi in the repository. This installs two rpms:
dell-hw-specific-repository and dell-hw-indep-repository. These work
together to pull in all of the components needed to access the
hardware-specific repository.

    Everybody who set up the hardware repository using the old method
(installing dellhw-repository from the software repository), will be
automatically upgraded to the new RPMs when you next upgrade. The
dell-hw-specific-repository has been set to Obsolete the
dellhw-repository rpm, this tells yum/up2date to install these RPMs and
remove the old dellhw-repository when you upgrade. 

    Please let me know via the linux-poweredge at dell.com mailing list if
you have any problems with this upgrade, or afterwards.


Note for 'yum' users: Note that you must run "yum upgrade" for this to
happen. If you run only "yum update", yum does not process obsoletes,
and the old configuration will remain. I would like for everybody to
migrate to the new configuration as soon as your upgrade schedule

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