software/hardware repo status update

Michael E Brown Michael_E_Brown at
Tue Jun 26 14:35:06 CDT 2007

All repository users:

    This is a quick status update on what is going on with the

    First, note that there are two repositories: the "software"
repository and the "hardware" repository. These two repositories are
independent. You may set up either or both, as neither strictly depends
on software in the other.

    Second, If you have any questions, comments, or problems with either
repository, please use the linux-poweredge at mailing list for

"Hardware" Repository Status:
    OMSA and all shipping Dell drivers are now in the hardware
repository. This repository aims to be the unofficial repository for
official Dell software. What this means is that all the software in this
repository is supported Dell software, but this particular distribution
method is currently unsupported, meaning if you have problems using the
repository, please use the mailing lists for support, as the call-in
techs are not obligated to even know it exists.

    Supported OSes for this repository are RHEL4/5 and SLES10. Due to
a couple of factors, I have temporarily dropped RHEL3 support. Please
see the note below concerning RHEL3. Please see the note below about
SLES9 support.

    If you are using the Dell repositories to get OMSA, and have not yet
set up the Dell hardware repository, please do so, as OMSA updates will
no longer be distributed in the software repository.

"Software" Repository Status:
    OMSA has now been removed from the software repository, effective
today. This has been noted as coming for a while now. All users who are
connecting to the software repository to get OMSA should set up the
hardware repository.

    Going forward, the /repo/software/ repository will be the Dell site
for, Dell-unofficial, Dell-unsupported software. I also see this as the
place where we will distribute any customer-contributed software, such
as monitoring plugins. The process for incorporating customer
contributed software has not yet been determined, but I will be working
on this in the coming weeks.

    Supported OSes for this repository include FC6/7/devel, RHEL3/4/5,
SLES9/10.  Debian/Ubuntu support is under development.

    Impending i386/x86_64 split: I have created separate i386/x86_64
subdirectories for each OS, and intend to add a $basearch variable to
the configuration files for these repositories. I will send out a
separate note concerning this when I have finished this work.

    Dell IT is working on a request to enable rsync access to these
repositories. I will send a separate note out about this when this work
has been completed. Current estimate is end of this week.

RHEL3 support (hardware repo only):
    Dell dropped new platform support and software support for RHEL3
with the release of OMSA 5.2 earlier this year. I intend to provide
last-supported versions of drivers and OMSA in the repository, but I am
still working through the best way to do this. In the meantime, there is
no support for RHEL3 in the hardware repository.

SLES9 support (hardware repo only):
    SLES9 does not natively support yum repositories. It would be
possible to add SLES9-style metatdata to the repository, but that effort
competes with several other tasks I am currently doing. Currently,
adding SLES9 metadata support to the repository is a very low priority.

CENTOS/Scientific Linux Note:
    I dont intend to block access or prevent usage of the repositories
from any of the "RHEL recompiled" distributions. But, due to the way
that some of them report versions, my scripts dont always detect them
properly. I will make a best-effort attempt to support these
distributions, but I require testers to ensure these work. Currently,
CentOS is known to work, while Scientific Linux is a "should" work, but
is currently untested. Best way to get these supported is to send me
patches. :)

    If you have any questions, comments, or problems with either
repository, please use the linux-poweredge at mailing list for

Thank you,
Michael Brown
Dell Linux Repositories Maintainer

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